Arwen is a User Experience Architect based in Charlotte NC, adept in user research, information architecture, and product design.

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 My Process 

Understanding, then Designing

To illustrate my approach to user-centered research and design, I’ve created my own version of the Double Diamond popularized by the U.K. Design Council. All engagements are different and may not require this comprehensive approach. However, the overall process stays the same: understand the situation, define needs and goals, generate solution ideas, test those ideas, and refine until goals are met.

Double Diamond Research & Design Process

My take on the design double diamond concept


Users are people. Designing something both usable and useful for people requires getting to know them first. Research efforts often start by simply talking to people about their day, their goals and pain points. etc. However, these direct methods are usually just the beginning. In addition to talking with people, I frequently employ observational and guided interaction techniques. Depending on the engagement, I have conducted custom design ideation and feedback workshops, immersive ethnographic research, usability studies, cognitive walkthrough interviews, and many other endeavors. The deliverables are usually insight reports and documentation  — journey maps, task flows, storyboards, etc. — that are highly valuable for designers, stakeholders, product managers, and development teams alike.

Storyboard: Rubbemaid Healthcare Manufacturing Intelligence System

Above: one of my favorite storyboards from my work at Rubbermaid Healthcare. It conveyed the urgency of a particular problem, encouraging the team to prioritize a user story they had previously dismissed.