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Case Study

Rubbermaid Healthcare

(acquired by Capsa Solutions in 2015)

Rubbermaid Healthcare

Lead User Experience Designer

2014 – 2015

The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Rubbermaid Healthcare.


Rubbermaid Healthcare's primary focus was manufacturing mobile computer carts for hospitals.

Also known as computers on wheels (or "COWs" by the nurses who primarily use them), Rubbermaid Healthcare specialized in manufacturing carts with robust batteries that could power EMR — electronic medical records — laptops​ for hours on end.

Business Objective

Reduce training and warranty fulfillment costs by providing accessible and easily updated work instructions for the manufacture of new carts.

Tasked with replacing printed notebooks compiled from cumbersome spreadsheets, my team created an industry-leading combination web and station application that reduced the costs of both training new employees and warranty fulfillment. Providing accurate, easy to update work instructions improved quality assurance for all models and also increased manufacturing efficiency.

Together, the combination system enables managers to easily add and update assembly work instructions and manage product build orders, saving them many hours and headaches. Managers create work instructions in the MES management web app, which includes specifying required safety equipment, tools, and completion steps. Work instructions are displayed on touchscreens at assembly stations (in a separate SCADA app).

My Role

I designed the management web application and accompanying touchscreen UI for stations on the manufacturing floor.

The only designer on a small team of seasoned developers, it was my role to design the interface for the work instruction input system as well as to both design and develop the interface for the touchscreen work instructions that would appear at each station on the manufacturing floor.


Displayed below are highlights from the MES web app and the accompanying stations SCADA app. I created the mockups and applied CSS styling to the web app. I created the stations app UI using Visual Studio Blend. 

 Design Highlights 

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